Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Essay Review

You know for a first time blogger I don't think I did too bad. The essay types were great, I got to write A lot about what I was feeling, and that is some thing I have a hard time writing down and expressing. It felt good to get emotion out and down on paper, but still be able to control what I said in the drafts. Struggling with some topics is always going to be a sore point with me, because I always over think things i am writing, and wonder whether it makes sense or if I am just rambling to no end. Some of the essays gave me issues, like the division essay, which came out half like a process, and took me longer to write I think than any other essay. I also think the times essays taught to manage my time a lot better and kept me on track a lot more after falling behind. I really enjoyed the process essay and contrast essay, getting to write about people i love, or things i love to do are always fun, especially when I can out in my own quirkiness in to twist the writings a little. Over all I enjoyed the writings, and so did my mother who nosily started reading them on thanks giving hahaha.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Division Essay Rewrite

      I live in an apartment, it's not where I want to live, or want to raise a family. But anyone starting out and in college, has to start some where. There are roads that need to be taken in life in order to be able to go from living in an apartment to a beautiful home. You need to be able to save money, its take months of searching, and then there is the moving and unpacking, all are the roads to moving into your first house.
     Josh and I have been looking for a house for four months now, we are having trouble saving money and that is the most import part when looking for a house. Most of the time when you are saving for a house you have to save double the money; one half for the deposit, and the other half for the first months rent. Right now we have a rent to pay with the apartment we are in, and we have other bills that take up our checks. Saving is hard now a days when your bills come first, but with the holidays, it becomes a little easier with bigger checks, we need to save about eight hundred for both payments.
    We started our search before our lease was even half way up, we really want to into our own house. The search has not been easy, but we know the basics of what we want. it needs to be either a one bedroom or a two bedroom, have a yard, not on a main road, and maybe have some utilities included. most importantly it needs to be right in our price range of under eight hundred dollars, especially if nothing is included. The search has been long, and hard, we haven't really found that one house yet, that meets or exceeds what we are looking for.
    The one thing i hate about moving, is oh.... MOVING. The packing, lifting, lugging, and repeat. That is how your life is for about a month during your "moving period" But if didn't move there would never be that step to your own house. Moving this time would be a little easier, just because our apartment is one the first floor, so it saves us from having to climb up and down stairs. It's lighter step than saving the money to be able to afford the place, and your mind can at rest after that, and actually choosing the place is over, and done with.  Also we will have a lot of movers to help aka a lot of friends and family, that I will sucker in with my kind words, and food, and maybe a little beer at the end of the day.
     Altogether moving and getting your own house is not easy, there are tools that you need to think of when wanting to be on your own and the responsibility that comes with that house you want. We are looking at two houses right now, both are at the top of our price range, and we have had to think really hard about what we can afford, and what we can't at this point in our life. It's a big step to take, they comes with many twists and turns, especially in the roads ahead that lead our path in life.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Division Essay

     There are always going to troubles, and complications in any relationship, whether you have a man and woman, or same sex couples. Its how you handle and solve those problems that make the difference between a successful relationship and a failing relationship. Sitting here and thinking about relationships there are some things that are needed in everyone, you need a whole lot of trust, be able to talk to each other, and always have fun together.
      When ever I would look at my ex-boyfriends phone I would always think, "why am I not trusting him?" The answer came out of my mouth, in that question, I don't trust him. That was the end of the relationship. Now I know that trust is something someone has to earn, something that is not to played with, like a person's heart shouldn't be played with. I found that out the hard after several men had came and gone in my life. Each had either cheated, mentally abused, or just plainly not cared about me in any way. But chose to be with me and toy with me. New to dating, I always took it, losing confidence in my self, and what I thought was suppose to be a great relationship turned into a non-trusting and abusive life.
     Communication is always apart of life, used in jobs, families, and relationships. When there is no communication the relationships are tough, and most of the time fail. Josh, whom is my boyfriend now, is learning to communicate more with me on things he doesn't find he likes, maybe about what I say or do some times. He wasn't good at communicating a year ago, and we almost ended our relationship because we couldn't talk about our relationship without getting into a heated battle. Now almost a year later we are talking out our problems, and discussing issues, and asking each other for opinions. Knowing I can turn to him and talk to him with out a fight is a weight lifted off my chest, and bring me back to the thought that was brought up trust.
      Memories pop into my head when I think of the word Fun. going camping when it drizzling, and maybe 60 degrees out. Learning to shoot a gun, while trying not to scare the pants off my boyfriend. When my relationship is at its best, is when I know my boyfriend and I are having a great time together. I know when he smiles that there is a memory in the making, and something that will stay with me forever, Fun and laughter is needed to keep anyone sane, especially when you live in the same house, and see each other everyday, it keeps the relationship new, and exiting even after two years.
      My mother always told me "there are plenty of fish in the sea." Never to settle for any relationship that wasn't working. I have followed that to the relationship I am in now with Josh. We argue from time to time, and always talk about our problems until they are solved. I would trust him to take a bullet for me. if it ever happened, a trust that has been built over time. But our relationship would be nothing if we didn't laugh, whether it be at each other or together. We laugh, cry, and live life together.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Process Essay

      There are many things that go into the process of being a Black Friday shopper and/or worker. This Black Friday I was going to be prepared! The planning starts months in advance, with the first major obstacle, if you work in the retail industry, what shift are you going to pick? Then the picking of stores, they can be picked by the best deals from ads. And last but not least, that day arrives, and the shopping commences but you need to make sure you always stay on time, and stay within the budget.
     The planning starts with what time do I want to work during Black Friday, and there are several that I could choose from, midnight, morning, afternoon, or night shifts. I decided months ago that just like in 2011 I was going to do the midnight shift until nine in the morning. I know what your thinking but then you are going to miss the early door buster deals. Not necessarily, you see I get an hour lunch with that shift and i can shop on that hour break, plus another twenty minute break that is paid, I can make it to the in mall store that are having the wonderful door buster deals, and still will be able to shop at the stores outside of the mall when i get out of work at nine, and get the door buster deals before one o'clock.
     At first I didn't really know what stores I was going to hit first, most of all because, I didn't know what I want to shop for? I kept going back and forth on do I want to get a TV for eighty-eight dollars at sears, or do I want to hit up the trendy clothing stores, like Hollister, American Eagle, and Aeropostale. Then the flyer's came out and I got a chance to look those over and see the best deals. I X'd out the TV, and decided I needed to shop for almost everything else I needed, starting at the Ulta Beauty store for my lovely co-workers, and then game stop for the boyfriend, next was Joann fabrics for some ornaments and mommy shopping, and the last stores are the big retailers Walmart, Target, and Lowe's for my dad, and my grandparents. A great plan and if I can keep myself on track like I want, I should hit them all before 1pm of Black Friday.
      Aaahhh after all the planning that day arrives, and shopping is in the air. I just keep reminding myself to stay on time, make it to work, and remember to stay within budget, and make it to every store. My budget is one hundred dollars, maybe one hundred and forty dollars if I can finish my scorecard at work today, and get forty dollars extra. I also need to make sure I take my lunches half an hour each about two hours apart to maximize time at work for sales, and make time to get all the great sales. Also I need to eat so the snacks are behind the counter at work and the count down begins to the store opening and the shopping commencing.
      Last year I didn't rally shop the early morning sales too well. This year I made sure i would hit all the sales, and get what i wanted for Christmas gifts for my family and friends. i planned months in advanced in order to get the shift at work i wanted, and made sure i kept that shift. I made it to all the stores I wanted to keeping in the back of my mind the time i had, and the money I was allowing myself to spend in each store, and all together. My budget ended up staying right on track and I spent just about one hundred and twenty dollars altogether on Black Friday. All in all it was a successful day and I can say that i got home I was so exhausted I passed out on my bed at nine o'clock that night and slept until ten that Saturday morning! As a Twitter tag would go #ShoppedOut/ShoppingAddictionProblems.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Effects Essay

     A knock at the door, I stare at it, thinking to myself "I'm not expecting any company, or any packages." slow I creep to the door and peer out, ever so slowly as to not make any noise. There is a woman standing outside, she is the lady who showed me the apartment, and is in charge of paperwork, I know why she is here, but I am not answering the door. She posts to things on my door, and walks up stairs, I still don't open the door until I know she has left our building entirely. Then I open it grab the pieces of paper and close it again, very quickly encase she comes back. It's a final notice about rent. We are behind four hundred and forty-six dollars, and trying to catch up as quick as we can, but not quick enough, we have 7 days. It is starting to set in we may not have a place to live next week. There are several effects that come into play, panic, sadness/madness, and the will to overcome.
      It is my worst nightmare getting behind on bills, especially on rent because that is your home. The sheer terror of reading that, knowing that i need to come up with that money between now and next Tuesday is scary. it instantly sends me into panic mode seeing where I can come up with the money, what I have to postpone for a week for bills in order to pay it, and how I'm going to ask my boyfriend for money knowing he has been trying his best to give me more money for the bills.
     The panicking just makes me even for frustrated, and i don't know what I am more sad or mad. I know my boyfriend tries hard to make money for us, and still go to school full time, but the job he has is not helping with bills, and this eviction notice is the icing on the cake. I know I said he is trying his best, and he is, but when is your best not good enough any more. I work full time and go to school part time, and i can pay my half just fine. It makes me sad to think that i have to talk to him about bills again, and let him down knowing i have tried my best, and he has tried all he can to help.
      After finding this out today and getting over the panic and shock of knowing i may not have a place to live, and thinking about talking to my boyfriend, and getting all the anger and sadness out to a great friend. I have found new hope, my ability to plan bills out and catch up on things has started to kick in and I have new faith that we will over come our struggles. In one week we need to come up with $446 which doesn't sound easy but its the holiday and my checks are big, and maybe he will have busy days. That is what I can hope for, and that helps my spirits perk up. I started to edit the bill plans, and see where i could cut out a bill here or there, and how big I thought my checks would be in the weeks to come, so we aren't behind again. Because lord knows i don't want to go through all the emotions i have today ever again.
     I'm always going to panic and get frustrated when things go wrong, especially when it comes to rent, and other bills. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to them, i need to know what I'm spending, and if I am paying on time. It's something i need to work on, and it isn't always a bad thing, but it does stress me out to a point where I go into a all out freak mode. I know in the end everything will be okay its the en-between  that worry, that panicky feeling that way me down beforehand, and that will to over come my obstacles that gets me through day to day.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Process Essay

      What is a successful woman today? To me it is a woman that has gone through many woe's in her life, pretty much known as the steps of life. She prevails through those steps, grows from them. There are three life steps i have taken in the last five years, and they helped mold me into the young woman I am today. Psychological, Financial, and motivational. Three things that every woman or man goes through, and it can make or break them in the end.
     The night my dad came to gather my things and load them up into a moving van to take back home, he had to face me, a broken down, piece of nothing, or at least that is what I felt like then. My world had fallen apart. I was psychologically broken down, I had tried everything, going to teachers, the dean of education, and even the president of Husson. My last efforts even had teachers calling out other students, whom in their eyes didn't deserve to be there over me. I had a 3.2 GPA, I was a Husson Cheerleader, and involved in the community, I stayed out of trouble and always had my homework in on time. But I couldn't and still don't understand how I could have been kicked out after all my hard work just because I couldn't pay, It was a life lesson that I was learning the hard way. That not everything is handed to you, you have to work hard to achieve them, and you are going to be let down some times.
    Not paying leads to the next phase, into the financial woes of what is Tiffany's situation then and now. I owe Husson University at this point about six thousand dollars, and yes you read that right six thousand dollars. The amount sounds horrible but it was almost twelve thousand five years ago, so I have been able to pay off a bunch of it. But having that not payed off now is taking a toll on my bank account. See until I have that paid off Husson won't budge on giving me my transcripts. So these classes I am taking at EMCC I pay for out of my pocket, why? Well without that transcript I can't fully enroll, which means no financial aid once again! There fore the past three months out of the semester that I want to take classes, I have to pay three hundred dollars each month for my classes. There is a down side to paying for classes, Rent is usually a week late because at least one week my whole check goes to the school, except for gas money. sounds fun doesn't it, NOT! but if I want to take classes and be able to say I have a degree, I have to take the hit and pay, another big life lesson, i call it life lesson phase two, in becoming a more responsible adult. handling your finances on your own.
     I was very motivated in college, and leaving college early had a more than sour affect on me. For the first couple of days I was unmotivated, didn't want to do anything, just laid there in bed thinking woe is me. That didn't last to long. Because adding the first phases together, you come up with the motivational phase, a phase that brings you back to life. In the end all the psychological, and financial parts led me into a greater path. I didn't see it but even before I left the school, I was already creating a motivational phase. See before I left I met with all my teachers, and planned on doing all the work from home, and coming to classes at least twice a month, in doing that I proved to myself that I didn't need to be up there to succeed. I could be at home, and still take my classes. It was hard work, and I had to be motivated to do my best. I had 5 classes to worry about back then. In the end I had a 3.23 GPA, while spending 4 months of that semester at home. I kicked motivations butt, and showed my parents and my self that I could do it.
     I still have the motivation to fight for what I want out of my education, I've made changes, and grown up...A lot. and I have taken the steps to overcome what has happened to me through the phases of life. Whether if it was psychological, motivational, or financial, I had to over come them. I will succeed in life, I will have a degree, or two, or three. Nothing will stand in my way, not Husson, Not the money issue, and I will never be un-motivational towards getting my education. I want my children to know that there mom fought to get her education, that she took the steps to overcome the obstacles in front of her to get what she wanted, and she did not give up until her dream was reached.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Process Essay Intro

   What is a successful woman today? To me it is a woman that has gone through many woe's in her life, pretty much known as the steps of life. She prevails through those steps, grows from them. There are three life steps i have taken in the last five years, and they helped mold me into the young woman I am today. Psychological, Financial, and motivational. Three things that every woman or man goes through, and it can make or break them in the end.